You might ask yourself countless of time if people really make cool money through social media. The question is: Is there any element of truth in this? And if be it true, how can you make it out and let it also work for you? There are different money making opportunities hanging around you; if you do not know how to tap into one, it is possible you later find out that you have been busy wasting your time on something else rather than accessing the closest source of wealth. There are about 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users. This implies that a very good population of the entire world access Facebook monthly. This is an incredible opportunity to acquire wealth after recognizing the appropriate routes and steps to take. Facebook is the largest platform of bringing people together to discuss different things cutting across friendship, business, etc., creates the room for you to get the money of your dream. Do you want the truth? This is the truth about making money on Facebook: You can actually get rich via this platform and get a huge amount from having an account with them and accessing their business opportunities. You can’t be too dull to let money walk out of your sight without grabbing it, can you? Then, how do you go about this? You will get the gist in full from the below content.

The following are the ways to make your money:

.   Facebook Audience Extractor

“Facebook Simple Audience Extractor” is a software that can be used to scrape or extract public emails, phone number, location gender from different groups, reactions (shares and comments) and even convert user’s id to public Emails, phone number, location, gender that can be used for different kind of things. The phone numbers can be used to add your Facebook friends on WhatsApp to market your products to them or it can be used as a target audience in a Facebook advert campaign.

This is a Must Have Tool for Any Professional Marketer to Extract FB UID, Full Name, Public Email Addresses, Public Phone numbers, Group Members! Fast and Accurate.

Above all this very software is available at our shop at a giveaway price. You can click on Facebook Audience Extractor to have access to it or you can go and search for it in the shop

  • Facebook Post

The best way of selling out what you have is to make a good publicity of it. Peoples interest is mainly gotten from good presentations. Tell them what you’ve got and why it is the best thing to get!  Facebook creates the room for different business transactions and engagements. It a place you can create a business friend circles to promote the different things you have. It doesn’t matter if you have experience on creating one; it is something you make enquiries on, from people who have one and get it done and run it adequately with little stress. Your post serves as the platform for getting what you need to get. Adopting the follow up strategy using the Facebook Messenger will help to keep your costumers in touch and enabling them to get what they actually want.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Facebook being a business platform is where you buy, sell and do all sort of business transactions anywhere you can be. Ensure you advertise with the pictures of your products in order to convince your costumers that your products are okay. You can sell through Facebook old and new items, automobiles, gadgets, furniture, etc. Make sure you include the clear pictures of what you are selling. You must be truthful and honest with the information you provide on your products like the condition, model number, etc. Everybody wants to associate with a trustworthy person. The price must be within the normal selling range. Research on the price matters! You can make enquiries on this. Make your products negotiable to attract customers.

  • Facebook Page

Selling your account is another resourceful way you can make your money. If your Facebook pages are good enough, you can trade some out more than $5000 and earn a good amount of money. Your selling range assumedly can flow around $20, 000, $100, 000 or more depending on the suitability of your Facebook pages, engagement and how you are followed via them. You can sell through websites like Viral Accounts, fameswap, etc.

  • Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

 This is another unique way by which you can make good cash. Do you know you can make money from referring someone? This is actually made possible when you recommend a firm for a friend which he eventually joins. Special package which is seen to be refer-a- friend” bonus is given out to you that make the recommendation. (It is another form if advertisement you know!). Ebates is a company that offers social media refer-a-friend bonuses. Seeing how awesome they are!  You may decide to mail your friends or click the share button on your social media account. Via this, you will share your referral link. Cash bonus is earned when your friend signs up. There are many companies that offer this opportunity. You can’t be penniless if you take it up!

  • Facebook Ads

This is done after the creation of a business Facebook page. Help on this and how it will be done can be got from Well Kept Wallet Facebook page. You need experience for this way of making money. Get enough information on ads that work and have some money in reservation mainly because of the trial and error that is involved. After creating this, you can then move on publicising your products to your followers. Posting ads on Facebook can fetch your money; making it get to people even to those they are not currently followers of your Page. Opportunity is given immediately you create posts on your Page to click the Boost Post button. This will take you to the ad creator tool. Some of the features:

a. Objective (Do you want to interact with your audience or make sales?)

b. Audience (Target a specific audience or not?)

c. Budget (How much are you willing to spend and how many days do you want the campaign to last?)

Facebook ads open a huge benefit of knowing the location, gender, age of your targets and what they want. These will help you to know what to post and who to post it to. You can also follow up the number of people reached and the number of engagements. The calculation of your cost-per-click amount will then be done doing the comparison of the number of engagements to the number you get from campaign cost. You will be amazed at the amount you realize from this.

  • Social Media Manager

 You must tap into opportunities when they come around. ‘It is good to be good!’ Isn’t it?  As a social media expert, you can make your money from managing social media accounts. Corporate ones to be precise! Duties like social media graphic design, scheduling social media posts, customers service unit where you interact with customers and respond to their comments, following ad campaign metrics, increasing the audience population. You can earn your cash doing this even in your comfort zone as a part time job. This benefit opens through Facebook. You can get jobs pertaining to Facebook page manager in websites like: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Indeed, etc.

  • Facebook Audience Network

 Facebook Audience Network happens to be one of the best ways to make money in a huge way on Facebook. They assist publishers to make money from what they post to their audience. They assist video uploaders, bloggers, article writers, etc. to monetize what they post on their Facebook pages. In other words, through this incredible act, your ads can be shown and your videos monetized. Facebook has advertisers that will want to promote their brands and pay you for it. Facebook Audience Network provides answers to various questions concerning making money out of what you post on your page.

If you are a blogger you can share your posts and earn cash via Facebook Audience Network. And if you are a writer that People read what you post and you wish to make money from this. Facebook Audience Network will definitely be of help. Facebook Audience.

If you have videos and you have been sharing it without earning anything before on Facebook, it is high time you started thinking of going through Facebook Audience Network and get the cash that you have been losing since all these time. It is opportunity you can’t afford to miss. It’s a benefit to bloggers and article writers.  Lots of money awaits you on Facebook.

  • A Facebook influencer

If you are very convincing, persuasive and have the capacity to get a lot of followers on social media, then your potential can earn you lots of money. Companies in most times tend to hire you for having a huge follow- ship and them paying attention to what you recommend, purposely to advertise them on your page. It is common for companies to seek influencers’ help! You know that doesn’t go for free!  Getting these companies is not something difficult as provision can be seen by accessing platforms that can connect you with sponsorship. Don’t forget that famebit, Izea, Dealspotr, Ifluenz, etc can be of help in such area; you just need to join these platforms. Advertise yourself to them and get hooked up. Facebook page serves as one of the channels to advertise your products online. An influencer will definitely help to do this better.


These aforementioned ways are some of the easiest ways you can go through to materialise the opportunities that come with you having an account with Facebook. Social media is a place you can waste your life and also a place you get the best of life. Why wasting your time on unimportant things when you can actually use your precious time to make good cash for yourself? Going through these ways, you should have discovered the open- secret of how you can earn that money you wish to earn without stress and much efforts.  Facebook is seen to be most versatile platforms for making money online. Try any of these. It will surely work.

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