Ever since social media came to the mainstream, it has effectively brought lots of changes in the business and marketing practices. Today, you can’t run a business unless you build its presence on all the social networks.

According to a survey by Statista, social media has emerged as a powerful tool not only for informal communications but also for business marketing practices. For some recent years, social media has actually been playing a major role in the marketing practices of businesses and it has worked as a perfect medium to connect marketers with their target customers so far.

Businesses use social media for marketing and branding purposes. Moreover, they also use this effective tool to maintain healthy relations with their customers. Most importantly, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, Instagram, and others help businesses receive customers’ direct feedbacks.

Monetizing Your Social Media Presence

Apart from businesses, individuals can also make the most of social networks by earning a great amount of money through them. All that you need is enough followers or subscribers and that’s all. When you have real and engaged followers on social networks, you can actually make enough money through them.

Here are the some proven ways you can monetize your social media presence effectively:

Direct Sales

It is indeed the most common and obvious way to monetize your social media presence. When you have enough social audience with you, you have the option to sell your products or services to them. The more audience you have, the more there will be chances to get sales. The direct CTA has benefited a lot of businesses across the world and it’s also one of the reasons that businesses have moved towards social media marketing.

According to Marlin Finance, every business should make the most of its social media audience by selling them its products or services directly. Moreover, direct sales through social media can also help you make healthy relationships with your customers.

Apart from business entities, individuals can also take their part in direct sales to their followers or subscribers by promoting the products or services of other brands and charging their commission in between.

For example, if you have thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can approach many brands and can ask them to make use of your audience to promote their products.

Promotional Videos

Since the trend of video marketing has a great future, you can’t miss the chance to monetize your followers or subscribers through videos. If you are an influencer, you can earn a great amount of money by promoting videos on Facebook, YouTube, and other video marketing platforms. The more quality you produce in a video, the more it will be watched and shared online, providing you with a great opportunity to sell a particular product or service through the video.

The ads that come before, in between, and after a video on YouTube are the right example of the importance of videos for business marketing. Across the world, there are many individuals who have thousands of followers or subscribers on their Facebook and YouTube channels. In fact, most of them have already started to earn a great amount of money through Google ads and affiliate marketing.

Lead Generation

Do you know why every business is after social media for its marketing? It is because social media has huge traffic. Wherever there is traffic, followers, or subscribers, businesses will reach there to promote their products or services. However, it’s up to you that how you make the most of your presence and followers on social media.

Lead generation is a great way to monetize your presence on social media and live a prosperous life in this world.  Since every business wants more and more leads, they approach every social media platform where they can think of getting effective leads.

YouTube is actually the best example for lead generation as it not only helps the public get knowledge or information about everything but also helps businesses generate quality leads. Moreover, there happen to be many simple yet effective ways to generate business leads through social media.

Affiliate with Brands

Affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best ways to make the most of your effective social media presence. The more social media followers or subscribers you have, the more brands will contact you to promote their products or services.

If you really have enough following, brands will surely try to make use of your audience and they won’t mind paying you a great amount of money for doing so. The process is also quite simple all you need to make a post (with only quality content) relevant to the concerned brand and bring traffic to it using your following.

Once this is done, you can approach to a relevant brand and can offer it to promote its products or services in front of your followers. However, there must be complete relevancy between the product or service you are promoting and the content of your post. You can approach platform like LinkShare, ClickBank, and others to set affiliate links on your posts now.

Some Bonus Key Takeaways:

  • It’s not necessary to have enough audience to go for monetizing; you can also start monetizing by creating a new audience for a particular product or service.
  • Give more time in producing high-quality content and commercial deals.
  • Make a proper plan for everything from content to traffic analysis. Promote the content or post also on every platform you think as better to make effective ROI.
  • Keep tracking everything time to time so that you can easily evaluate what’s going wrong and what’s right.
  • Don’t be so quick to earn money rather spend enough time on quality content production and enough online presence.


There are many ways to make use of your social media presence to earn enough money. If you have a platform with quality content and a good following on it, there will be no one to stop you from monetizing it. The above content precisely advocates that it’s actually quite easy to monetize your presence on social media and all you need is consistency and dedication to your content and online presence!


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