About Me

I am Mubashir Salahudeen. An Entrepreneur and a Motivational Speaker Plus I am the funder of StarReformer.com… A place where we teach everything we know about making money online to enjoy a better life.

Few years back, it wasn’t like this. I started out in good faith, first I started with acquiring my entrepreneur skills such as Computers engineering skill, web design, Networking… but I was not satisfy with my stream of income. Something inside me keeps telling that I need a passive income stream, then I moved on to learning how to make money online which I started with freelancing at Upwork and Fiverr, It’s still an active income then I moved on to affiliate marketing and to God be the glory thing was not funny at first but as time goes on I started seeing Reward On Investment.

But why am I telling you this,

It is true that some stories are better left untold but then something inside me keeps telling me that people are out there that need to hear this and receive guide and information from you, you need to impact in others.

It hurt me to see smart, young and talented individuals like you stumble around in the dark with no one ready to help them and that is why I started this blog.

I believe you have greatness in you, I believe you can succeed. I believe you can build an online income stream from scratch. I believe you can escape the noise and bid mediocrity digital marketing farewell.

If you let me, I will help you. I will hold you by the hand and lead you to through all the ways you need to start making money online.

If you are ready, I will help you.

To be more direct…

I dedicate this blog to all young and aspiring digital marketers.

The best part:

It’s for you who desire to make a living while helping others achieve their dreams.

Interesting huh?

One thing though, you need to indicate and make me believe you are ready.


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About StarReformer

StarReformer is a platform dedicated to help internet entrepreneurs and aspiring internet entrepreneurs succeed. If you are trying to make a living online in any form, then you are an internet entrepreneur, this platform was created to help you.

We started this platform to help so many people out there leverage on the internet and information to become rich and make money to carter for their needs and their family needs.

The internet has changed the way our world works. Every business now needs the internet to survive. The web has also open up new opportunities for people to become successful, from blogging to affiliate marketing to freelancing, there are many ways to make money online. And the amazing thing is, the internet mostly does not care who you are, where you are from, your level of education, it is about what you have to offer, it is about your skills and passion. That is all you need. We are here to guide you and help you grab these opportunities.

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