The Most Effective SEO Image Optimization Tips That Always Works.

The Most Effective SEO Image Optimization Tips That Always Works.

There is no doubt that an image is an integral part of every web page and you can’t deliver your message effectively unless you add images with content. Whether you run a business website, e-commerce store, or a personal blog, images should be there on every page of your site so that a user can effectively be attracted.

According to Yoast, an image brings a web page to life and also helps digital marketers in terms of SEO. Moreover, it helps a user understand the content or article of a particular web page in a better way. However, having images in large sizes on your website can badly hurt its load time and performance. To deal with it, you need to perform the best SEO image optimization practices so that your website can have high-quality images in smaller sizes:

Here are the top 5 SEO image optimization tips that must follow:

  1. Use Relevant Images

The images you choose should be unique and 100% relevant to its target page. Moreover, it should also be capable of defining your content in such a way that the users can easily come to know about your business.

The very first thing users see on your site happen to the images. Considering this, the images should be smart enough to transform users into potential customers. An appealing image can easily connect users to a topic, and from the topic to an action!

2. Reduce the size

2019 is the year of page speed and you need to be ready for it. It requires many on-page practices to reduce the size of a page and one of the important ones is to reduce the size of images. Most importantly, Google has started giving preference to those websites that load faster on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. 

There are a number of image optimization practices that people use to reduce image size without compromising its quality. For example, designers use the “save for web” command in Photoshop to adjust images to web resolutions in smaller sizes. For the users of Linux, Mac, and Windows, there is also an open-source image editing software ‘free alternative Gimp’ to reduce an image’s size without losing its quality.

3. Name the image Properly

Though it looks more convenient to go with the default names of all the images you upload on your website, it’s essential for you to give SEO-friendly names to the images so that they can effectively help you in terms of SEO as well.

Along with your website’s ranking that you seek in Google, you shouldn’t ignore the ranks of images because they can also provide you enough traffic to your site. For that, you should have used the right keywords in the names of the images you upload on your site.

4. Use Responsive Images

Do you know why does is important to use responsive images? It’s important because it comes under the best SEO practices today. Your designer and developer should also be SEO friendly so that they may understand the fundamentals of ‘srcset’ and ‘sizes’ in the image coding of your site. If these two things are used properly in the coding, your images will be fully responsive on all the browsers and screen sizes.

5. Use Alt Tags

Using alt and title tags is one of the most important parts of SEO image optimization for a site. The complete HTML coding may be like:

<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“image description” title=“image tooltip”>

By making use of alternative tags, you give extra value to your images and you also make it easier for search engine bots to give you the ranking you deserve. These extra keywords to your images help Google to understand an image’s topic and its surroundings, and the search engine gives then ranking accordingly.


Consequently, it’s important to perform the practice of image optimization while doing the On-Page SEO of your site. Moreover, SEO image optimization directly helps websites improve their load time, the thing that Google has always wanted. So, by following the above 5 effective tips, you can precisely take your site in the right direction

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